Inch & Co. Sets the Bar for a Fun & Modern Workspace that Improves Employee Productivity.

Inch & Co. has made big improvements to its fast-growing company over the last few months—renovating and building additions to both its real estate and main office locations—in order to keep up with its recognized growth.

With the Real Estate Division entering its second year, Inch & Co. saw an immediate need for additional office space, as it added more than 40 agents and a Settlement Company, Inch & Co. Settlement Services. “We have been so blessed to see the interest from agents we have encountered over the first year. It’s such an amazing thing to watch happen and we are looking forward to continuing the growth and filling new seats here at Inch & Co. Real Estate”, says Ryan Sigel, Managing Partner. The carriage house, which sits behind the Elmwood Mansion, provided the ideal opportunity for the expansion that was needed. The original space was renovated and an addition was created.

Inch & Co.’s main office has undergone an even bigger change, adding a number of new office spaces and a large conference room. The newly renovated building now features a stunning lobby with vaulted ceilings, a full-size kitchen, lounge area, and an inviting outdoor space. The building is surrounded by farmland, offering its employees a more laid back, stress-free working environment.

Gray Apple Design brought their unique style to both spaces. Sarah Inch took the reins on the main office, while Gabrielle Messina put her person touch on the Carriage House for the Real Estate and Settlement Services teams.

A thoughtful and well-designed workspace leads to a less stressful and more productive atmosphere. Employees need to feel comfortable, calm, and inspired in their workspace to produce their best work. According to, 90 percent of people surveyed reported performing better in well-designed workplaces. Inch & Co. wanted to be sure that the culture was felt the moment you walk in the door. They also considered the amount of natural light and the ability to do different tasks in different spaces throughout the building, giving their employees options that allow for more creativity and collaboration.

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